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143 Mayfield Rd
Alpharetta, GA, 30009
United States


Mayfield Oaks is a small, family owned, state certified personal care home located in the heart of Alpharetta, Georgia.  We offer a unique homelike setting that lends itself towards a true family environment.  


Our Family

Mayfield Oaks is missional for us.  Following God's calling, we relocated back to Alpharetta, Georgia to purchase and run Mayfield Oaks.  We are blessed to have the support and help of our four daughters and extended family.  Whether it’s tending to the day to day or taking on a project or special event, we are here to serve our residents, resident families and staff.    

 Helen and Jim Boyle own Mayfield Oaks, a homelike assisted living facility. They live there with their four daughters.

Helen was educated as a nurse and prior to coming back to Georgia, was on staff at our home church in Maryland.  Jim has an MBA and has spent his career traveling for business.  He has a full time corporate job but is able to use his expertise to help Helen with Mayfield Oaks. 

Our four daughters Meghan, Caitlin, Allison and Jillian have all jumped in when they can by helping in the office delivering mail, organizing games, singing and playing the piano. 

 Ed and Tina Boyle contribute to graphic design and book keeping efforts in our assisted living facility.

Jim’s brother and sister-in-law, Ed and Tina Boyle, make major contributions here at Mayfield Oaks. Tina,  oversees our bookkeeping. She also works closely with our accountant. Ed, a customer service and graphics manager, is responsible for our graphic design, maintaining our computer systems. Their children, Matthew and Jessica, are always happy to help out with whatever is needed when visiting.